Shoutcast Server Internet hosting

To run your personal streaming server, you’ll be able to either buy a standalone server machine or buy a streaming server software package and install it on an current internet server. When using Home windows Media Internet hosting companies with ViaStreaming you will have a complete end-to-finish resolution for streaming media, offering superior audio and video high quality, easy-to-use content authoring instruments, and a scalable, flexible and reliable streaming server.

The Pink Hat powertools icecast RPM included shout but in different methods the tv ondemand streaming RPM was horribly incomplete (No templates or configuration file.) and thus the icecast server it shipped with was unuseable.

Max_clients_per_source 20 client_password not_used – This feature has not been applied but throttle encoder_password mypassword – Clear textual content password by which the server accepts encoders admin_password mypassword – Required to use admin console oper_password mypassword – For entry to server operator commands port 8000 port 8001 – +1 for shoutcast compatability.

Broadcasting your Stay event online is now easier than ever thanks to Live 24h Stream hosting service. The option of using Real Networks “Actual Audio” software is probably the most popular industrial solution and is proven but it surely uses a proprietary format and costs money. The ‘Reily tutorial on streaming audio Half 1 and Half 2 by Dave Philips is a good overview of streaming audio know-how. The configuration file detailed under is intended for the icecast 1.3.10 server and does NOT work with the Pink Hat RPM (icecast-1.three.op2).

Note on utilizing Linux RPM’s: The configuration I used was the icecast 1.3.10 server from the RPM downloaded from and the shout module provided by the Red Hat RPM. Logdir /var/log/icecast logfile – Log file in directory /var/log/icecast/ console_mode three – Run icecast server in the background, as a daemon course of.