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Here at we have confidence in quality. We have confidence in , discreet shipping that is fast and superior customer support. Pick to spoons to at least one from pipes -players to steam wheels. We have several select, palm-blown glass bits from Chad Item! Whether its a Cali-supplied Scoop or even a Prometheus Pipe, a Tube or perhaps a regular Color Changing Spoon or you happen to be in the market for a Sand Wooden Bomber we’ve a superb selection of gorgeous, colored glass pipes! Your tube are all american-made and will be the highest quality!

November 7, 2012 – 5 Stars – the very best around!: Wonderful!!! Thats I can all say. It had been my firsttime actually going to a mind store didnt know glass pipes what to expecet but I must claim they fresh exactly what I needed! I am going back tomorrow.

March 17, 2013 – 3 Stars – Average. You’ll find better.: qhen, although Wonderful people, got some parts that were great we got home the handle shattered the fall bit because of presentation that was poor. Might of thought he’d of acknowledged just how to appropriately offer product. Difficult to give ranking that is greater as a result of that. Since we drove nearly 2 hours to have there.

January 6, 2013 – 4 Stars – Fantastic! Nearly perfect.: a week ago my dad and I after reading their spot had relocated to Sq stopped in. Mountain. The newest shop is much greater, and advised my dad of headshops of outdated (being in a basement). The team was personable and extremely welcoming, together with educated. Costs are wonderful, and we could get yourself a nice option on the great number of components and bits. Choice is very normal, using a few standout beauties. Not one of the most unique, but definitely the top in Pittsburgh. I have currently suggested their company to many buddies, and I definitely want to make a visit.

May 28, 2013 – 2 Stars – Not the worst, but definately not the best.: Great tiny look for being the only around, but the kid functioning the counter using the cheetah print dyed hair is a douchenozzle that is small. I am confident that this is not the dog owner, but I’d be fairly upset, if it was my worker. He treated me like I had been a trouble and a waste of his time, despite the fact that I spent more than 100$ in glass. I understand this isn’t an insane amount of cash for glass, however itis enough to make me a consumer that is good. The way in which I used to be addressed here virtually makes when I need anything me not want to return and merely travel to wv.